I am a strong, independent and talented Kenyan woman!

I have four years experience in research writing and working full time as a virtual assistance.

IMG_20160615_163556I can do research writing, data entry, content writing, social media management and blogging. I work to help entrepreneurs and professionals by taking away some of the tasks that they can be able to delegate so that they are left with more time to concentrate on growing their business. I do not just bring ideas into things but i give them life. I want to see things and words send a message. That is how passionate I am towards the things that am committed to.

I’m artistic so sometimes I appear to daydream and I get excited when i hear new ideas and want to learn everything. This is balanced out by my calculative nature which keeps me calm when I feel like jumping to the next bus without a good idea of what i’m doing other than I want to seize the moment and enjoy life.

 I love people, am actually passionate about seeing other people smile and doing great. I like being there for someone even when all they need from me is my presence. I’m always ready to  help when the need arises.

I love having fun and good moments. However, I have faced challenges in my life, I have had days when I do not want to get out of bed or just want to sleep so that I do not feel pain anymore. But I kept fighting and learn from the harsh times. I have a beautiful spirit that would not allow me to give up even when it seemed like the only option I had.